NR Systems, Inc. is a small business started in 1990. We provide custom software design and programming.

My name is Michael Jablonski and I am the principal software designer at NR Systems, Inc. I have over 30 years of experience in software design.

I am experienced in software engineering, coding, and testing. I have designed and programmed applications for real time data acquisition, software for digital devices, applications used to program battery powered data recorders, software for a keyboard controller, software to receive data transmitted by instrumentation on a weather balloon, firmware for the Texas Instruments MSP430 micro-controller, data base applications, and more.

I have experience with Visual Studio, Delphi, C, C#, HTML, XML, PHP, SQL, technical writing, and more. I have programmed for many operating systems, including all versions of Windows, Windows Mobile, Macintosh OS, MS-DOS, VAX VMS, and PDP RT-11.

My recent experience includes progamming in Python and programming Windows 10 Store Applications using C# and XAML (extensible application markup language), and web page development using Bootstrap.

I enjoy working with today's software development tools, an impressive set of tools across a wide range of platforms.

In addition to many custom programs that I have designed for my clients, here are links three products offered by NR Systems of my design.

SDI-12 Verifier

Check Your Interest, a Windows Universal Platform application

Conversion Factors, a Windows Universal Platform application

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I am certified by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' (IEEE) Computer Society as a Professional Software Engineering Master (PSEM).

Michael Jablonski

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